Bespoke Luxury Tours, Events and Experiences in Sicily

"Sicily is an immense, open-air museum at the crossroads between Europe and Africa"

From exclusive access to Palermo’s most discreet aristocratic residences to sampling the artisanal wines of Marsala. Or cycling the fiery foothills of Mount Etna and picnicking on the endless salt-pans of Trapani. Each of our exclusive and immersive experiences is carefully crafted by Alberto to celebrate exciting elements unique to Sicily.

Seasonality, culture, history, cuisine, local personalities and stories, artisan goods and luxury accommodation…Alberto selects the best kept secrets to create beautifully themed itineraries. Browse examples of his suggestions and if you’re feeling adventurous allow Cognoscenti Travel to design your personal journey.

Our Experiences

Sailing the Aeolians

Take a private boat for the week. Follow a meandering sailing route around the volcanic Aeolian islands, which offer secret beaches, superb swimming and hiking through beautiful lanscapes.

The personalities and landscapes of each island are revealed along the way. Explore Lipari, Salina, Vulcano and dramatic Stromboli – whose volcano is in almost-continuous activity.

Hunt for wild capers and sample extraordinary wine. Travel by donkey, meet a local poet on and grill fresh fish on the beach. View active lava flows from the sea. 

Sicily’s pristine waters are ideal for wild swimming and free diving. Dark skies at night are perfect for star-gazing.

A Chef's Tour

Based around Palermo and Etna, this experience is tailored for adventurous chef’s looking for mouth-watering inspiration.

Meet and cook with some of the finest culinary talent in Sicily. Learn about local ingredients and how Sicilian’s like to use them.

Taking cooking techniques to the next level with pasta and seafood masterclasses. Plus sample Sicilian street food and sweets.

Tour vineyards on the slopes of the active Etna and sample the highest quality wines.

Etna by E-Bike

A three day electric bike tour of  Eastern Sicily, combining adventure activities around the volcanic flows of Etna, with luxurious accommodation and meals.

Glide past active lava flows and take-in Etna’s smoking peak. Swim through an ancient gorge and feel the energy under waterfalls.

Sample the highest quality local wines and enjoy special menus at the best restaurants. Then kick-back in hand-picked boutique hotels.

Recharge the batteries with a private picnic overlooking the glittering sea and enjoy stops for strong coffees and a granita with brioche.

The Godfather

Allow us to make you an offer you can’t refuse! If you’re a fan of Francis Ford Coppola’s epic saga, this experience offers the chance to experience first-hand the key locations and inspiration behind the films.

Travel back to the villages and countryside depicted as Corleone. Find the cafe where Michael proposes to his wife and the church that hosts their wedding. Visit the villa where Michael stays and where his wife is killed by a car bomb.

In the films, revenge is a dish best served cold, but on this recce you’ll eat the finest iconic Sicilian meals, paired with the best local wines. And rather than sleeping with fishes you can enjoy accommodation fit for movie stars.


Salt & Vine

Spend a week exploring the countryside, culture and cuisine of Western Sicily. This area has amazing produce, long-established wines and unique and intriguing features and architecture.

Enjoy a Norman feast, try artisan olive oil and discover salt flats and windmills. Sample Marsala wines and talk with some of the oldest producers.

Explore archaeological sites and temples and visit private villas and the summer retreats of nobility.

Take-in unique art collections, glittering mosaics and one of the world’s most quirky and personal museums.

Festive Sicily

A unique and unforgettable Christmas experience, which can be tailored to the desires of couples or multi-generational families.

Revel in traditional Sicilian festivities, try your hand at local crafts and take in the local culture and art.

Stay in an aristocratic palazzo in Palermo, visit Christmas stalls, tour towns dressed-up for the season and watch a traditional nativity.

Savour special breakfasts, glittering feasts and yuletide treats, then walk-off the waistline with a trek through mountains.

Enjoy the warm and friendly character of this enchanting island at a very special time of year.

A Jewish Tour

Discover the ancient and well-established Jewish history of Sicily in a week long immersive tour of important locations and monuments.

Find hidden symbols and artefacts of Judaism. Visit ancient temples and churches, Greek ruins and religious sites. Tour hilltop villages and towns of religious and spiritual significance.

This experience takes you across the length of Sicily, tracing the lives of early Jewish settlers. Along the way, stay in sumptuous and  elegant hotels and enjoy gastronomic treats, such as hand crafted chocolate.