A Chef's Tour

A hands-on culinary adventure, discovering the traditions of Sicily whilst learning to cook special dishes. You’ll be instructed by local chefs, Mamma Luisa and the holder of a Michelin star. Choose the best ingredients at market, learn about authentic bread and cheese making, taste award-winning extra virgin olive oil and fabulous wines.

A Chef's tour - highlights:

  • Take a guided, chef-led tour of Palermo’s Capo market
  • Hone pasta making skills with a masterclass on pasta from ancient grains, filled pasta and Sicilian seasonal sauces
  • Sample the best Sicilian cakes and deserts such as granita and brioche, cannoli, cassata and artisanal Sicilian sweets
  • Enjoy a two Michelin-starred dinner and discover special secrets shared by the chef
  • Experience the highest quality wineries and viticulture of Etna, Marsala and Western Sicily
Chef's tour
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Suggested stay: 7 nights

Perfect for: food connoisseurs, restaurant owners and chefs looking for inspiration.