Palermo’s best bar: Caffe Spinnato

Best coffee shop in Palermo

Sicilians take their coffee very seriously, and cafes are at the centre of social life. If you want to enjoy the best of both in Palermo, head to 145-year-old Caffè Spinnato.

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Owner Mario is the fifth generation of his family to run Caffè Spinnato. He explains “Coffee is at the heart of our business”

Sit under shady blue umbrellas sipping aperitivi or eating intense Sicilian pastries while a pianist plays in the background. Mario Spinnato is the fifth generation of his family to run the cafe and says:

The cafe also serves 40 flavours of ice-cream and traditional pastries made with almonds from Avola and pistachios from Bronte. Icy granitas served in brioche and espresso are consumed by the bucketload. The cocktails are spectacular, too – the barmen are all old hands who can whip up delicious drinks made with Sicilian liqueurs.

Caffè Spinnato is still relatively undiscovered by tourists so it is a genuine meeting place for Palermitani. People stop by to relax, sit in the sun and watch the world go by. There is the added bonus of watching the passeggiata, which starts at 4.30pm when streams of Sicilian girls and boys in their best clothes stroll past the cafe, taking part in the social highlight of their week, and providing hours of entertainment for customers.


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