Tradition and natural quality bottled

Girl in a Marsala vineyard

Sicilian wine is on-trend – this year, Conde Nast Traveller listed the region as one of the best for wine-lovers and aficionados. But quality, artisan wines have been developed here for decades. We spoke to Gipi De Bartoli to get a taste of what makes Marsala so special. The De Bartoli vineyard in Marsala Sicily […]

Sleeping with the fishes: Sicily’s quirkiest museum

The fishing village of Aspra in Sicily

Nestled in the backstreets of Aspra you’ll find the Museo dell’Acciuga – a salty fisherman’s tail of Sicilian history and mafia resistence! Creator and modern day bard Michelangelo Balistreri lovingly takes his visitors through the story of the humble anchovy, using unique perspectives and even a song or two. Michelangelo explains how this silvery little […]

Palermo’s best bar: Caffe Spinnato

Best coffee shop in Palermo

Sicilians take their coffee very seriously, and cafes are at the centre of social life. If you want to enjoy the best of both in Palermo, head to 145-year-old Caffè Spinnato. Owner Mario is the fifth generation of his family to run Caffè Spinnato. He explains “Coffee is at the heart of our business” Sit […]

Why Sicily?

Quite simply, Sicily offers everything: nature, culture, cuisine. It’s a microcosm. A beautiful collision. As the largest island in the Mediterranean, this triangle of land was a strategic point that has been invaded by many cultures over centuries. Each leaving their mark and their legacy, traditions and monuments from classical temples and rural cave dwellings, […]